Patient Financial Policy

Patient agrees to be responsible for all portions of services at the time services are provided by our office. Patients are required to present a valid insurance card at initial visit, at least annually there after and anytime the insurance changes during the interim of patient care. Patient is responsible for paying their bill in full at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made or a verifiable insurance is presented. If insurance verified than only the deductible, co-insurance, and co-pays have to be paid at the time of service.


The Center for Women fees are set based on contracted insurance fee schedules(s). For all insurances that we are contracted with: the usual, customary and reasonable adjustments will be applied according to the contract of that particular insurance. Please review a list of the contracted insurances to determine if your insurance is one that we are contracted with by viewing our Contracted Insurances. Fees for patients without insurance, fees are set based on an percentage of AR Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Prenatal Financial Arrangements

The financial expectations will be discussed about your prenatal care by our billing department on your first visit. Your insurance, if you have insurance, will be verified before your initial visit. A financial agreement will be completed showing the expected charges, what insurance is expected to pay on those charges and what the patient's expected portion will be. If there's time before your initial visit, then a copy will be mailed to you for your to review. The verified deductible will be required to be paid on the first visit for insured patients, then the balance after the deductible of the patient's expected portion will be set up on payments to be paid by the 30th week of pregnancy. If there is no insurance, a deposit of $1,800.00 will be expected at first visit then the balance of the prenatal care will be set up to be paid by the 30th week of pregnancy.

Ambetter Insurance patients will be expected to pay their epidural fee at their first visit as well.

The charges that are expected in a pregnancy would be the vaginal delivery fee with expected prenatal visits, three ultrasounds as needed, doctor induced anesthesia charges and the lab as listed in our prenatal guide given on first visit. What are not included in these fees would be any fetal stress test (NSTs), any additional labs or ultrasounds and/or C-Section fees. If these occur, then additional fees will be charged to the patient account.

Financial Liability of a Minor

Unless the parental relationship is terminated by the court (requiring a Court order as proof of emancipation of juvenile), the parents/legal guardians are liable for the cost of the necessary medical services rendered to the minor child. 

Parental/Guardian liability is not affected by a Divorce Decree or the language of the Divorce Decree, even if that decree provided that one parent/guardian is solely liable for the minor's medical debts. Both parents/guardians are liable for minor's debt.

Step-parents are not liable for medical services rendered to their step-children without a separate contract.

Neither marriage nor childbirth changes a minor's status as a minor. Note, however, minor parents are liable for care rendered to their children.

Age of majority in Arkansas is 18 years of age. The general rule is minors under a legal disability are not legally competent to contract. Necessaries are an exception - minors can be held liable for a contract for the necessities of life rendered to the minor. Medical bills are almost always considered necessities of life. 

Minors can sign for services if they are capable of understanding the nature of injury/illness and the treatment required, but parents are still financially responsible.

Commercial Insurance Carriers

We bill most insurance carriers for you if proper verification is provided to us. Any outstanding balances, co-payments and deductibles are due at the time of service. On insurance carriers we are not contracted with, it is the patient's responsibility to research why an insurance carrier may not have paid or why it may have paid less than anticipated for care. If any insurance carrier has not paid within 45 days of billing, fees are due and payable in full from the patient. Any outstanding balances and deductibles are due prior to the next appointments or within 10 days of the first statement after determined to be patient responsibility by the insurance.

The Center for Women contracts with the same insurances as Baxter Regional Medical Center Physician Hospital Organization contracts with and a few others such as Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Arkansas Medicaid, Medicare and Missouri Medicaid. Please see our list of insurances by viewing the Insurances tab of this site. 


Our office is a Medicare participating provider and we will bill Medicare for the patient. We will bill secondary insurance claims as well. Any outstanding balances and deductibles are due prior to the next appointments or within 10 days of the first statement after determined to be patient responsibility by the insurance. Any co-insurance, deductible and non-covered services will be due at time of service. 


Our office is an Arkansas and Missouri Medicaid participating provider. We will bill Medicaid for the patient. Any outstanding balances, co-payments and deductibles are due prior to the next appointment or within 10 days of the first statement after determined to be patient responsibility by the insurance.

Methods of Payment

Our office accepts the following payment methods: Cash, Personal Check, Credit Cards, and Patient Financing Options.

If accounts are not paid according to terms, the patient understands our office reports to an outside collection agency. In the event an account is turned over for collections, patient agrees to pay all additional fees accessed in the collection of the debt. These fees include collection agency fees and attorney fees. For accounts turned over to debt collectors for collection, risk the possibility of not being able to return to the office for patient care until the debt is settled.

For return checks we assess a $35.00 NSF charge, expect repayment within 1 week of check being returned to our office. If not repaid within the 1 week, the NSF check will be reported to the local authorities for collection.

Cancellation / No Show Policy

We understand situations arise where you must cancel an appointment, but it is requested you cancel your appointment with at least 24 hours notice. This will enable another patient who has been waiting for an appointment to be seen sooner.  

We reserve the right to charge patients a fee and/or terminate the client/patient relationship with a patient who fails to keep their appointment without notifying our office in advance. Patients who no show 2 consecutive times may be dismissed from the practice thus they will be denied future appointments.

​Patients may also use the Portal to request an appointment change or notify our office if the appointment can not be kept.

The Center for Women believes that good physician/patient relationships are based upon understanding and communication.

Inclement Weather Policy

Under severe weather conditions we may be forced to delay the opening of the clinic or close for the entire day. This is only enforced when roads are too dangerous for our patients and employees to travel around the office area. 

In either of these events we will make announcements via our website, our Facebook page and, plus we will notify through our PeopleLynk Notification System to patients scheduled and set up to receive messages from our office via email or text messaging.

Patients may also use the Portal to request an appointment change or notify our office if the appointment can not be kept.

Financial Aspects and Policies

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