5 Fashion Tips for Pregnant Women

There are many resources available on pregnancy health, but many soon-to-be moms don’t have a lot of guidance when it comes to dressing their bump. You want to look and feel good during this time, but finding something that’s both flattering and comfortable can be challenging. Fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can create a stylish and functional wardrobe while you’re expecting.

Stay Comfortable & Confident With This Pregnancy Clothing Advice

1. Modify Current Clothes

Many women are hesitant to purchase an entirely new wardrobe they’ll use for such a short time. Thankfully, there are often ways to modify your current clothing for use even at full-term. For example, belly bands may allow you to wear jeans by keeping the zipper and button undone while still holding the pants up. You can also likely wear stretchy clothing like spandex shirts and pants as well as open cardigans and larger tees. 

2. Don’t Just Buy Bigger Sizes

Women often assume they should purchase clothing that’s several times larger than their normal size to account for their growing belly. However, upgrading the size can create baggy, unflattering styles. Instead, purchase maternity clothing that’s made to fit pregnant bodies. You’ll feel much more confident if you’re wearing something suited for your current body type.

3. Splurge on Staples 

Most people rotate through a few key pieces in their wardrobe. You can do the same by investing in a few staples like jeans, a handful of comfortable tops, and a skirt or two. Wear these pieces repeatedly by mixing and matching them, and you’re sure to get the most out of purposeful splurges.

4. Skip the Underwire

Breast pain is often a part of pregnancy health, especially in the first trimester. To maintain comfort, you’ll likely have to swap out your current bras for more flexible models. Stash underwire models for now, and look into seamless maternity bras that stretch with your changing cup size, as they’ll offer the best longevity.

5. Ask Loved Ones

Many people save their maternity clothes in case they get pregnant again. Ask loved ones if they have outfits you could borrow to reduce the number of items you have to purchase. Many people also buy gently used maternity clothing at local thrift and consignment stores to save some money while still wearing fashionable styles. 


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Julie Waddle