How to Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Toddler

Learning you’re pregnant with your second child is an exciting time. Your family is expanding and your child will have a younger sibling to grow with. Even if this fits into your family planning goals, you might be nervous about how your little one will react. Here are a few ways to discuss the news with your toddler based on their age. 

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How Should You Tell Your Toddler You’re Pregnant?

Age Two or Under

Since your child’s cognitive abilities are rapidly developing at this stage, you might have to explain your pregnancy depending on their exact age. If they are younger than 18 months, it might make more sense to wait until you have a visible bump. Then, you can tell them a baby is growing in your tummy. In some cases, they may not understand until the baby is born. However, children closer to two years old might understand they have a sibling on the way.

Two- to Three-Year-Olds

Toddlers in this age range will be better able to understand pregnancy. Keep family planning between you and your partner, then tell your child once you’re ready to announce the pregnancy to your other loved ones. Remember that once you tell your toddler, they may say something to other family members and friends. Use context to explain to your child they will have a younger sibling. Read children’s books on the topic to introduce them to the idea of a growing family. If you have a friend with a baby, show the baby to your toddler and tell them they will also have a little brother or sister soon.

Three- to Four-Year-Olds

Preschool-aged children will understand the concept of a new sibling and will likely have questions. Be clear when you tell them the news. You might show them the sonogram and let them feel your bump. Tell them you and their other parent are excited, and start preparing them to be a big sibling. For instance, older toddlers might enjoy being involved in the preparation process, so let them help decorate the nursery.

For Existing Older Siblings

If your toddler already has a younger sibling, the conversation can be much easier. Tell them another baby is growing in your tummy and that they will have another little sibling. They may be extra excited because they already know what it’s like to have a baby in the house. However, they may also react with jealousy. In this case, stay positive and trust the emotions will pass. 

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